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Cand. Scient. Elise Aasen

Inquisitive, versatile, experienced, independent team player

As a girl geek, I took my first programming course in 1979, and started a one-woman computer consulting firm as a student in Oslo in 1985. I eventually completed my Cand.Scient. degree in Theoretical Physics at the University of Oslo, with subjects like physics, mathematics, informatics and astronomy. (A degree roughly equivalent to M. Sc.) Still, I preferred working with varied tasks in IT to calculating quark masses all day.

This was a very exciting pioneer time for “personal computing”, where I worked on the Internet before the World Wide Web (!), with HP’s first PC, and as Microsoft’s first Norwegian localiser when Windows, Word and Excel had their major breakthroughs. My first PC was purchased in 1986: an HP Vectra AT I got for 26,000 NOK… – at a 50% discount!

SInce then I have worked mainly as a self-employed consultant, from 1992 based in my hometown of Ålesund on the west coast of Norway. Early on I worked in data localization / translation and data communications, and later I’ve added social media, web services, marketing, digital design and survey design to services offered. With the recent advances in digital design, I get to combine my data skills with (hopefully) creating good design – like this webpage.

Some of my other interests include music (classical, blues, rock), travel, photography, movies, series, quizes and restoring old houses.  I’m a language nerd and a history nerd, I sing in an opera choir and a church choir, and organise concerts presenting Gregorian chant.  And that’s about all I have time for! 🙂

So, that was a little information on what I’ve been doing since the 80s.
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