[Vc_row content_placement = "Top"] [Vc_column] [Vc_single_image image = "1163" img_size = "150×150"] [Vc_column_text] I speak English fluently and have extensive experience in translation to and from Bokmål and English. I have especially worked with texts in the field of data, technical and scientific topics, but also take Oversetteroppdrag with other topics. One of my special areas has been localization, that is, translation and facilitation of computer material for Norwegian conditions. I have, among other things, the work that localizes and assistant project manager while staying with Microsoft in Dublin and Wang in Lyon. Such translation can sometimes involve what is called transcreation; An inventive rewriting to ensure that the text fits Norwegian conditions. Sometimes I have also translated materials from Swedish and Danish, and simpler texts from French and German. As "Språknørd" I understand also a little Dutch, Latin, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, I can read the Cyrillic alphabet (Russian) and have a little knowledge about Mandarin, Japanese and Chinese characters. On the whole, my interests and mindset are very international, and I enjoy working in the multinational project team. See some examples of my translations on this page. More are on portfolio. [/vc_column_text] [Vc_column_text] Microsoft product box for Word for OS/2, translated from English. The Norwegian National Ministry brochure on ESporing, designed and translated into English. [/vc_column_text] [/vc_column] [/vc_row]