tekster tjenester

As a technical writer I make mainly texts about technical and scientific themes, with an emphasis on writing clearly, understandable and precisely on good English. It can be data manuals, help texts, user manuals, reports and the like.  I can also take care of editing such texts, whether something needs to be shortened down, simplified or just språkvaskes.

Som oftest bruker jeg Word til skriving, og da gjerne Words mer avanserte funksjoner: innholdsfortegnelser, bokmerker, bunntekster, felt, skjemaer for innfylling, makroer osv. I also produce written materials in PowerPoint, InDesign, Acrobat.

Texts for marketing and social media are setting other requirements. They should also be ready and adapted to their reader group, but they often need to be short, get said a lot in a few words, and the content must be adapted to the behavior of the search engines on the web.  If you write more than a couple of paragraphs, you have to work with the text to keep on the reader's attention.

See some examples of working in the photo carousel below.  Tap a picture to enlarge it.